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Crops Wallpaper

Branding, Packaging,
Pattern Design

Crops is an Istanbul based wallpaper brand. Each Crops wallpaper is passionately crafted by artists to suit different themes. It offers a comprehensive color palette so you can express your personal style in your own living space

The brand experience is embodied and enhanced by the brand identity and printed details that reflect the decoration inspiration. An elegant representation of a crop branch, the emblem fits perfectly with the brand name. Against a cool sage green background, it combines with copper foil and has a depth that stands out. This naive form is elevated to a higher beauty with glossy printing applications.


In addition to branding and packaging design, the project also includes wallpaper designs for the brand's own collection. The details of the collection are designed to work effortlessly in any home. Each pattern contains color combinations with different feelings. Designed patterns work perfectly alone or complement coordinating designs.

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